Need some good music? You got it!


We at SoundGood strongly believe that every event is unique and our strength lies in our ability to tailor our shows to fit your event.

Acoustic shows


Nothing makes an evening more romantic than an intimate acoustic performance. Just picture the sweet sound of an acoustic guitar playing in the background. Maybe add in a beautiful piano, a violin or even a cello and then suddenly there's magic in the air.


Listen to our acoustic samples here.




Rock shows


Sometimes the only difference between a good party and a bad one is that the bad one didn't have a solid rock band.


We've seen it happen time and time again, people just sitting bored at their seats until the drummer shouts out that epic: "ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR!" 

Then little by little people start to roll on to the dance floor and by the end of the night even your grandparents are dancing like it's 1959!


I dare any playlist on your computer to have the same great effect on your audience!


Check out our rock samples here.

Music Production


Does your video, game or commercial need some good music?

Or do you need an original song or help producing your music?

We can write and record any kind of music you need.


Check out samples of our work here.

Voice Overs

Are you looking for a voice actor for your video or audio material?

Male voice overs available in English and Finnish.


Check out samples of our work here.